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What I am opposing is the language, by now utterly trite and thoughtless, by which conservationists prefer the parks and “wilderness areas” over the rest of the country, to which they consign the servitude, excess, and violence of our continuing version of domesticity, which is to say our misnamed economy.

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The Self is an Illusion

“We may give up cartesian dualism, we might be absolutely sure that there isn’t mind stuff and physical stuff, or matter and consciousness, you know, we say we are monists, but actually, we still believe in a kind of experiencing self. The experiencer and the experience. This doesn’t fit with how we know the brain works at all.” – Susan Blackmore

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A review of A critique of Western Buddhism: Ruins of the Buddhist Real | Post-Traditional Buddhism

.entry-header Glenn Wallis should need no introduction to those who visit this site regularly and engage with the podcast, but just in case it’s your first time here, I’ll provide you with the essentials. Wallis holds a Ph.D from Harvard in Buddhist Studies and has authored several books on Buddhism including The Dhammapada: Verses on […]

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